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Asset Protection


The term Asset Protection means the activity with which a person, natural or legal, "separates" their assets, coming from any origin, from those functional to the exercise of their professional activity. This activity, which in any case implies a medium and long-term evaluation of one's own asset strategies, is aimed, in compliance with the conditions imposed by law, at those (entrepreneurs, artisans, freelancers, doctors, etc.) who intend to achieve this goal, with very often solutions that imply significant tax savings.

  • Acts of destination

  • Asset fund

  • E.E.I.G (European Economic Interest Grouping)

  • Separation of property

  • Trust


Using the collaboration of professionals or primary credit institutions, the Limontini Notary's Office is able to serve customers also in the financial field through highly professional advice in order to the evaluation of the best options for the operation to be carried out.

  • Buy to rent

  • Credit transfer and factoring

  • Financing agreements

  • Pawn on shares and quotas

  • Establishment of liens on movable property

  • Splits, disbursements, releases, cancellations

  • Help to buy

  • Leasing sale and redemption

  • Mortgage with mortgage subrogation

  • Mortgage loans and land loans

  • Provision of guarantees in general

  • Rent to buy


In the real estate deeds, the staff of the Limontini Notary's Office is available from the early stages (search for the property and irrevocable purchase proposal) to follow its Italian and foreign customers in all types of real estate deeds, in order to evaluate their convenience, settings and in order to fully verify the goodness of the operation (urban planning, tax, legal, patrimonial etc.). The Limontini Notary's Office is also structured to be able to stipulate real estate deeds in any foreign language, including Chinese, and where necessary using expert simultaneous translators.

•    Acts of execution of conciliation agreements pursuant to D.LGS. 28/10
•    Acts of execution of agreements for separations and divorces
•    Binding deeds
•    Buy to rent 
•    Sale and purchase and preliminary contract
•    Contract
•    Town planning conventions
•    Establishment of easements
•    Division
•    Donation
•    Help to buy 
•    Exchange
•    Rent to buy 
•    Transcription


The training of the Notary Limontini in legal English, the in-depth knowledge of Italian and international regulations, the partnership with European Union professionals and the long experience gained with foreign companies allow Limontini Notary's Office to draw up notarial deeds in any foreign language, as well as to support clients of foreign nationality in all activities in which it is necessary to have recourse to the professional support of a Notary.

Foreign companies with interests in Italy or Italian companies with the need to operate abroad can find the ideal partner in the Limontini Notary's Office, able to guarantee - in addition to notary services - also highly qualified consultancy, to accompany the international client in choices most suited to its needs, up to the establishment of E.E.I.G (European Economic Interest Grouping).


In corporate notarial deeds, the Limontini Notary's Office combines traditional notarial skills with the legal and tax skills necessary to follow Italian and foreign companies, offering the possibility to stipulate even at the customer's headquarters.

The training of the Notary Limontini in particular in legal English, the long experience gained with foreign companies, partnerships with professionals from the European Union, allows the Limontini Notary's Office to deal with particularly complex contractual issues such as the establishment of E.E.I.G (European Economic Interest Grouping) or the activity of foreign companies on the national territory.

•    Purchase of machinery with the "Sabatini Law" 
•    Temporary business associations
•    Declarative and amending deeds of family businesses
•    Sale of trademarks
•    Sale of Snc / Sas shares
•    Sale of Srl shares and share transfers 
•    Business sales, rentals and donations 
•    Business network contract
•    Establishment of consortia and consortium companies
•    Establishment of cooperatives
•    Establishment of joint stock companies 
•    Establishment of partnerships
•    Establishment and modification of companies between professionals
•    Establishment and modification of associated professional firms

•    European Economic Interest Grouping (E.E.I.G)
•    Modification of social agreements and statutes modification
•    Extraordinary transactions: mergers, demergers, transformations
•    Family agreements
•    Shareholders' agreements
•    Institutional powers of attorney
•    Dissolution of joint stock companies and persons
•    Minutes of Shareholders' Meetings


Thanks to the sensitivity of its staff, the Limontini Notary's Office is able to manage the difficult transfer of assets both in the event of succession and in the case of planning the passage through deeds between living persons with due professionalism but also humanity. It has carried out and also carries out the delicate function of composer of the conflicts arising from succession, always finding the best legal and tax solutions for all those called to inherit.

•    Acceptance of inheritance (also with the benefit of inventory)
•    Opening of safety deposit box
•    Notary deed and substitutive declarations of notoriety
•    Heritage inventory
•    Preparation of succession reports 
•    Publication of holographic will
•    Public will drafting
•    Waiver of inheritance
•    Trust


The Limontini Notary's Office follows the principle “the more Notary the less Judge”, that is, the more the professional Notary carries out his work in every legal, fiscal, fiscal area, the less there will be disputes. For this reason, over the long years of activity, he has developed a series of specific skills and ancillary notary services on types of deeds and particular operations, according to the firm's philosophy of following and guaranteeing the client in carrying out all the activities in his life. Thanks to the expertise of the staff of the firm and the work of the network of primary professionals, The Limontini Notary's Office is able to offer protection in every area of ​​the assets, and not only, of its clients.

•    Town planning compliance certifications
•    Cohabitation contracts
•    Extracts of accounting records and company books
•    Bankruptcies and insolvency procedures
•    Legalization of documents for abroad
•    Shareholders' agreements
•    Cadastral practices
•    Practices for the sale of goods of cultural interest
•    Preparation of performance certificates / energy certification (ace-ape)
•    Preparation of transcription / registration notes
•    Preparation and registration of preliminary contracts
•    Executive procedures
•    Power of attorney
•    Reports pursuant to Article 567 of the Italian Civil Code
•    Reports for agreements on separations and divorces
•    Notarial auction network
•    Voluntary jurisdictional appeals for incapable individuals and inheritance practices


Thanks to the private activity of the Notary Limontini, President of various charitable or sports associations, as well as his numerous holdings in the Boards of Directors of Foundations, the Notary Limontini firm is able to assist all those entities falling within the so-called "third sector" : associations, foundations, committees, NGOs (non-governmental organizations); in general the ONLUS (non-profit organizations of social utility) and now the third sector bodies or ETS. 

•    Establishment of recognized associations 
•    Constitutions of unrecognized associations 
•    Establishment of foundations
•    Constitutions of non-profit cooperatives
•    Constitutions of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
•    Establishment of social enterprises
•    Constitutions of committees
•    Amendments to the articles of incorporation of Associations / Foundations / Onlus Cooperatives

•    Amendments to the Statutes of Associations / Foundations / Onlus Cooperatives

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