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“The more notary, the less judge ... ”  this famous statement by a great jurist, Carnelutti, is the guideline of the Limontini Notary's Office. Each practice is in fact evaluated and runned with great attention in order to avoid any type of complication for the customer. In fact, the activity of the Notary is not limited to a simple certifier of signatures, but turns out to be the most complete and articulated professional activity among the liberal professions in Italy. The Notary in fact deals with the legal but also tax aspects, mainly in the field of indirect taxes, but also direct taxes. In fact, its field of action involves all legal and tax aspects relating to activities that affect the assets of families.

Even if it's not often used by customers, the Notary's planning and consulting activity is very important, masterfully carried out by the Limontini Notary's Office. The trusted Notary is and must be the main interlocutor to contact when a person intends to proceed with the management, present or future, of their personal or family assets; therefore both when it comes to inheritance, real estate and corporate issues.

Globalization and the advent of technology have then placed the Notariat in front of scenarios that were unimaginable until some time ago. But even in this case, the Limontini Notary's Office has always found itself at the forefront, as the leader of technological tests or addressing the study of company law in various European countries.



Our additional services


Thanks to the expertise of the Notary and the Staff, the Limontini Notary's Office has always been at the forefront and pilot in the technological adaptation of the profession. Telematic acts and consulting through video call systems via web are possible with great time saving for customers.


The Limontini Notary's Office is able to draw up notarial deeds in any foreign language as well as to support customers of foreign nationality in all the activities in which it is necessary to have recourse to the professional support of a Notary.

The in-depth knowledge of international and Italian regulations, the partnership with professionals from the European Union, allows the Firm to follow foreign private clients and companies in various notarial activities.

Foreign companies with interests in Italy or Italian companies with the need to operate abroad can find in the Limontini Notary's Office the partner capable of guaranteeing notarial services including highly qualified consultancy to accompany the international client in the most suitable choices for his needs up to the constitution of the EEIG (European Economic Interest Grouping).


The Notary, if requested, is available to stipulate the deeds anywhere in the whole Piedmont area.

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